Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Oh how we love sea days!

6 May 08
en route to Lisbon

Wow, I didn't realize I hadn't posted in a few days. Sorry!

After we left Zakynthos, we headed for Naxos di Giardini, Sicily .. that night we had a Ladies Night disco .. you know those discos .. always a good time!

Ladies Night Disco:


As I said, the next day was Naxos, Sicily - it was a half day, as well as a tender port, so I knew there was going to be no chance of going ashore. I wasn't even sure they were going to grant crew shore leave. (they eventually did - at 10.45 and we had to be on the last crew tender for 11.30 - why bother?!?!) However, once I finished work I went up on Deck 9 (and a half LOL) and took some pics. Also, one of the Guest Ents, Linda had said she would get me a fridge magnet and a few postcards .. My magnet wall is filling up nice! So I was satisfied with that.

I took some decent pics. I was playing around with exposure, so you will see how some are bright and seem over-exposed than others. Its a learning curve :)



After we left Naxos .. which was around 1pm .. we then had sea days until today, which was in Cadiz Spain. Not much to report on those sea days .. work, eat, sleep, crew bar .. repeat :) No discos or anything. The wardie (officers bar - called the Wardroom) had a Toga Party. I went up to check it out .. though I didn't get dressed up. Those of you who know me .. know how I hate getting dressed up! But I did go up for a few drinks; I didn't stay late, as I am fighting a cold and wanted to get some rest. I did manage to get some pics though :)

Toga Party:


Today - 6th of May - we were in Cadiz, Spain. It was a beautiful day, so I was excited about going ashore. I was supposed to work till 11am .. but the spa was running a crew special and Cory (my sr officer) said I could bow out to get a massage before I went ashore. Oh .. it was lovely. I need to get up there more regularly. Emma did this one and she is little, but she is pretty good! I do miss my massuse back in Norristown, Tanya, from La Vita Bella. You can bet that as soon as I go back there to visit, I will be making myself a LOOOOONG appointment with her!

Went ashore with Pierre .. we just wandered around through town, up and down little streets and in and out of the shops. Every once in a while, we would come across a square .. with cute cafes outside .. but we kept on going, not sure where we were headed, but not ready to stop for lunch. I am sooo glad we didn't - we happened upon the Cathedral in the city. (yeah, I normally do my homework on all the ports .. didn't do it for Cadiz .. just felt like "winging it") The square was beautiful and the Cathedral was huge .. we were able to go inside and I think I got some decent shots there as well. After we wandered around inside, there were a lot of women gathered around in the square for dancing .. seems they celebrate today as some sort of day for a pilgrimage that happened a million years ago. So there were TONS of local women dressed in fancy dresses and shoes .. dancing around in alleys and streets. It was really cool!

Once we had finished watching them, we decided to stop for lunch at one of the cafes right across from the catherdral .. not a bad view! Not sure what we ate to be honest, but it was delicious! Some sort of cheese, shrimp thing for me, and a egg and potato pie thingy for Pierre. We shared a jug (yes a JUG) of sangria and oh-boy, it was yummy!! We sat and people watched for quite a while. The weather was perfect .. sunny and warm .. not too hot though. Truly perfect weather!

After lunch, we wandered around some more and headed in the direction we thought the ship was in .. funny thing is, the streets in many of these cities have no rhyme or reason .. not like a grid like NYC is. So you can easily get a little disoriented .. BUT .. not me :) My parents are to thank for my good sense of direction at all times. Once we got back onboard, we headed up to the aft end of Deck 8 to take some more pictures, since the view was so nice! Of course, I still needed to get in my nap ( I actually went 2 days last week without one - OMG, I hated it!) so I headed back to my cabin to put up my feet (all that walking, they were sore and swelling) and rest!



P.S - Pics are out of order again, sorry!! And Kim, there is a pic in there especially for you!

Tomorrow is Lisbon .. should also be a good port as well .. and from what I hear, the weather should hopefully be just as nice :)

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Beautiful, just beautiful! (also, I suddenly have a real craving for sangria)