Sunday, May 25, 2008

When it rains, it pours ..

25 May 08

I am not sure if I should tell the locals to build an ark, or what! Yesterday was a sea day .. and surprise, the weather was crappy with showers all day. Today we were in Alicante, Spain .. and shockingly, it was pouring when I woke up this morning! I got up to the cyber and it was dark, stormy and raining. Ewwww! I mean we are in the Med, right? It was like England weather :(

So needless to say, there was no way in hell I was going out. Being out in the monsoon in Corfu was enough; but at least it wasn't all that cold that day. It was cooler here today. So I worked till 11, then went back to my cabin and read. Went to lunch with Cat around 12 and we had a lingering lunch being chatty with whomever wandered in. We were like the welcoming committee! Around 1, I went back to my cabin .. read a little more and then went down for my nap :) I never want to have a real land job again ~ I mean how can I not have my nap?!?!

Tomorrow is another sea day .. then we have Lisbon on Tuesday. Hopefully I will have my ship list this coming week .. fingers crossed!!!

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