Monday, May 19, 2008

Sorrento, Italy

19 May 08

What a lovely and charming area!! To me, this is what typical small town Italy looked like ..

Clare, Amie and I went ashore together (Pierre and Gemma were on IPM) and I am glad they dragged me out of bed .. (I am still not feeling great - I guess yesterday's relief was temporary) So anyway, we tendered ashore a little after 12 and there were a few little cafes right there at the marina - but the main part of town is up top. Sorrento is built on top of these huge bluffs and cliffs. We could have walked up - but there was a shuttle and with me coughing they way I am, I would have had a hard time. (and we are glad we did - you saw many people huffing and puffing to get to the top LOL)

We decided to wander a bit, through the little streets and alley ways of shops and cafes. We came across the smallest little alley - with this adorable italian cafe there. We had planned on having lunch and when we saw it, knew it was perfect. It was the epitome of Italy. I had a fabulous gnocchi - omg, I think they only made it that morning .. it was soo fresh. We also had lovely garlic bread and the olive oil was superb!

After stuffing ourselves silly, we went for more of a wander (to walk off lunch - and make room for gelato!!) I went into this shop for my typical postcards and fridge magnet and ended up getting a really nice Italy sweatshirt. It will be perfect for the Norway cruises later this month and next. So while I am standing at the till - I look up and see a security camera screen .. Amie was outside on the phone to her Mum .. so I tell Clare to make Amie somehow look up at it. It was soo funny and the pic I took of the monitor make Amie look like she is on the Most Wanted list. Its hilarious. After that silliness, they then had a hat trying session .. don't they look cute? We walked down the street (notice Amie is still on the phone??) and over to the end of the cliff where we could look down into the marina area. What a view!! The ship looked awfully small out there!

We headed back to the main area - since the road we needed to go down to get back to the marina was not where we were (and who knows where we would have ended up!) On the way back I found a cute park in on of the smaller squares where I took my flowers pics :) The last Bird of Paradise pic is my fave of the lot. As we headed down the road the view was spectacular! It was a shame it was overcast as I am sure it is just gorgeous there on a sunny day. We haven't been so lucky with weather this cruise. And the locals said it is very unusual to have this much rain and cloudy days .. oh well, figures. AS we walked down the hill, we came across this sign sticking out of the hill. I had no idea what it meant .. because it looked to us like it said "no trumpet playing" So of course, we had quite a laugh over that (basically I laughed till I was crying LOL) and then Amie and Clare felt the need to enact the "no trumpet playing" rule. Oh it was hilarious!

Once we were back at the bottom, we stopped for some gelato. Luckily the tenders were right there, so we could sit and watch the queues for when it was less busy. While we were sitting there, I was taking pics of the guys working the tenders and Clare dared me to take a pic of Matthew's butt. You don't have to dare me twice! Matthew is the SECO - Security Officer - he is in charge of all the security operations on the ship. He is a good mate as well .. we have some nice chats up in the Wardie sometimes. (we both have been married and divorced - short lived as well - so we have lots in common in that area) We noticed Bob walking back to the tender with some gelato as well as some other friends sitting across the way from us at the other cafe; Vasil, Charlie, Mizzie and Jack .. and then Igor taking a pic of us (taking a pic of him)

Finally - it was after 4 and time to head back. Vasil, Charlie, Amie, Clare and I got stuck up in the front of the tender .. ugh, I hate it - its so hot up there and there is no ventilation! Anyway, I passed the time by taking pics of them and then the rest of the scenery as viewed from the ship. When we got back on board, we ran into Andy (our crew manager) who for some reason was in the Engine Room, so was wearing a boiler suit .. woo woo, hot! So I had to get a pic.

Tomorrow we are at sea all day; after that ~ Dubrovnik, Croatia; Corfu, Greece and Messina, Sicily. YAY!

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Kelly said...

Aww, I miss Sorrento! :-)

GORGEOUS flower pictures, as always. And the no trumpet means no honking, lol.