Friday, May 30, 2008

Why Life On The Sea Sucks Sometimes

30 May 08

When you have to say goodbye to some of your best mates .. not sure when you will see them again (ok fine, I will see them on the 6th and 20th of June!) and not knowing where you might meet up in the future

How sad it was today when I had to say goodbye to Amie this morning .. I miss her a ton already! Who am I going to be silly with in port? Or make fun of her phobia of willies? Or lose in some city in a foreign country? Or dance to Havi Ram with me at the Crew Disco??? :(

And then to have to say goodbye to Cat .. oh my gawd! I am upset now just writing about it. She has been by best mate since I got onboard. She has helped me when I didn't know what to do about something, or where to go, or what rules there were. She was my Mother Hen (though I am almost 8 yrs older than her!) I didn't have to worry, because she worried for me. Who am I supposed to have my meals with on sea days? And go into port for a nice lunch and ice cream? Or make sure to have ready for the crew disco on time, and then make sure she leaves at a decent hour and goes right home??

Yes, I have had to say goodbye to other friends since I have gotten on... but Cat, Amie and Clare have been my closest mates since the first week I was on the ship. Now it is only Claire and me left .. thankfully we both sign off on the same day. Given, we have met other friends .. Gemma, Pierre .. but we will never have another Pierre and His Women port days without Amie.


So we left So'ton a few hours ago and we are on our way north. First port is on Sunday in Bergen. This whole cruise will be in Norway - should be interesting and hopefully some good places for pics.

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