Friday, May 9, 2008

Turning Around

9 May 08
almost "home"

Should be pulling into So'ton right at dawn; by the time I wake up .. we will have most of the pax off the ship too (I get to sleep in tomorrow - YAY!)

Last night was the Leavers Disco .. what can I say? Always a good time .. and I love when my friends grab my camera .. it makes for some funny pics!

Got some sad news today ... my friend Michele's dog Elvis died earlier in the week :( He was simply the best dog ever. When I moved in with them (when I moved out of the house from Scott in Apr 06) Elvis was constantly by my side. It was like he knew how sad and lonely I was. He slept with me every night (and we would have to wrestle the covers from each other and he often took up most of the bed!) And even after I left, he spent weeks waiting for me to come home .. he simply got crazy excited whenever I came to visit too. He was sick; he had cancer. He was diagnosed 2 yrs ago this month. The vet then had only given him about 6 or so months to live, so I know Michele and Tony are grateful for this extra time with him. I know we are "only" talking about a dog, but for those of us without kids .. they *are* our kids. Anyway, so I was very sad today when I got that email .. I actually cried. :sigh: But she said he didn't suffer and she was with him, hugging and kissing him. So I feel better knowing that. He will always have a place in my heart for him.

Turnaround tomorrow for a 2 day "party cruise" .. will be back in So'ton on Monday. We have one stop in Bruges, Belgium on Sunday. Should be a good time!

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Kelly said...

Sorry to hear about Elvis - I remember how much you loved him when you were staying there.