Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ahhh, crap ..

17 May 08

.. I finally caught the "bug"; I have been able to avoid it for over 4 months, but it finally got me. Sneezy, headache, sore throat .. etc. The crew passes it around to each other all the time.

I am pissed off because tomorrow is Rome!!! Dammit!

Yes, I have already gone to the Medical Centre. Doc gave me some Sudafed, aspirin to gargle with and some nasal spray to help loosen my sinuses. He said it is "the cold" (that everyone has at one point or another within the crew) but it has settled in my sinuses and tonsils. Yeah, my tonsils have it - now, there's a surprise! :(

Its almost 10pm here .. I am supposed to work till 11 .. but guess what?!? NAH! I am packing up now and getting out of here. I put up my "call 2800 if you need *urgent* assistance" sign but I should be ok at this hour.

We leave tomorrow at 8.45am .. I told the group they better have their arses in bed early tonight! I on the other hand am going straight to me bed right now.

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