Friday, May 23, 2008

Well, not what I was expecting ..

23 May 08

but oh-well; you win some, you lose some. Messina Sicily was not really all that nice. There seemed to be a lot of things closed up (and it is a Friday!) and there was a lot of trash and stuff just lying around. Hmmm, it was really odd because it seems like it could have been a pretty neat little town.

Cat and I had a lunch date - she is signing off on the 30th and this was probably the last time we could go ashore together. (We only have 3 ports left this cruise) So we wandered for a little trying to actually find someplace that was open and looked decent enough. We found a cute little place on one of the side streets where we could sit outside and the food looked good. We had a nice lunch just chatting about her leave and my sign off date, etc.

Afterwards we went for a walk around the block on the way back to the ship and came across a beautiful church. It was a shame because the street all around it was so dirty, but this church was so pretty. It reminded me of the Glockenspeil in Munich. It had all these different statues that moved .. we saw it on the half hour, but supposedly (as we heard back on the ship) it is quite the show at the top of the hour. Oh well. It wasn't like we were going to sit there for another half in this filthy square.

We left the square and stopped for ice cream on the way back - for some reason, it is an Italian must for the ice cream and it is soo damn good! Got back onto the ship and both of us went for our naps. I feel like a geriatric, but I love my naps man!

When I came up to work tonight, I was sure to bring my camera as it was a beautiful day out, so I knew we would have a good sunset as we sailed away. I was right! So there are a few sunset pics as well. Not my best work .. its hard to take a pic directly into the sunlight. But still, I think they came out decent enough.

Tomorrow is a sea day and then we are off to Alicante, Spain. After that, only 2 more ports ~ Lisbon (Portugal) and Vigo (Spain) and back to So'ton we go!

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