Monday, August 4, 2008

Day 1

3 Aug 08
Seattle, WA

So much for a lie in! Someone forgot to tell me I needed to clear immigration at 7am today – so I got a nice wake up call from the Crew Supervisor to get my bum out to the terminal. Oi!

Anyway once that was over, I figured I would get my morning stuff out of the way and settle the balances with the Accounts Purser; I am not sure I got all of my reporting correct, but I am sure my shore side will let me know if I didn’t.

I tried to go back to sleep – but by then my mind was buzzing with questions I had for Talia (the previous ICM) as well as Maria (my shoreside manager). So I couldn’t sleep and instead got up and starting making notes. It was a good thing I was up since my “roommate” came by. She didn’t realize I was getting on last night and thought she would re-organize her stuff before I got there. She is really cool – her name is Sheryl, she is American (YAY) and she is from Philly!! (double YAY) She actually grew up in Plymouth Meeting so it was so cool to be able to chat with her about where I have lived and she actually knows where it is!! We chatted for what seems like forever, then she left and I chilled out for a bit and “decorated” a little. Got more organized as well. Then started the process of getting in the shower, getting dressed and trying to figure out where everything is! I didn’t do too bad – I have a good setup I think.

So I went down for an early lunch since I skipped breakfast. Of course, prior to leaving I needed to consult my ship map so I knew where I was going. Wow – this thing is big – it takes me almost 10 mins to get from my cabin down to the officer’s mess! But I found it with no problem, which was relieving. Man, the food is MUCH better. I had a nice salad to start and then a piece of fish and some peas, with fruit to finish it up. I am really going to try to be healthy. I definitely will get more exercise!! After that I slowly made my way up to Deck 7 just to get my bearings some more. I had to go to Watertight Door training at 1pm so then I headed back up to my cabin for a few before I had to go to the Crew Bar. (you should see the size of the crew bar – it is huge!) After training, I had to get ready for work at 2, so then I made my way to the café from the cabin. I did well getting there with no problems. So I can get to the major places now. Hopefully no one asks me to go someplace I haven’t been yet LOL.

I was at work until the Muster Drill; it was nice because I didn’t need to do it this time around. On Princess we are considered Guest Lecturer’s – so we don’t participate in drills! Yahoooooey! I know the girls from Artemis are going to be jealous about that one; sorry ladies. After the drill was over I went out on the front of my “balcony” and watched us sail away. Basically the balcony is the little area on the forward part of Deck 10; but since I am all the way up front (I am right under the bridge) I only have to walk a few feet to go out there. So its nice to have. Being out there I also discovered the hot tubs and pool for the crew below me on Deck 8. So that is good too! I took some pics of the Seattle skyline but I don’t have my manager account yet to take the time to load them. So I will take some pics of my cabin tonight (so you can see it) and hopefully will have my account tomorrow to get them loaded up.

I think that is all for now – my shift is almost over and I am going to go up to my cabin and change and then head over to the Wardroom for a drink with Sheryl. I am still pooped out, so it wont be a late night. (Besides, there is a disco tomorrow – need to be on my game for that!) LOL

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Kelly said...

Wow - sounds like a major change from the Artemis! I cannot wait to see the pictures, especially of your new cabin and your cafe.

Have fun at the disco tonight!!! :-)