Friday, August 15, 2008

I Love Drugs

14 Aug 08

Hee hee

Well, in a way .. I do! I knew I was feeling way too sad, and I know how I get; sometimes the sadness just gets worse and snowballs; so I needed to kick that in the butt before it got to that point! So I popped a Happy Pill (Wellbutrin) and off I went.

Ahhhhh, I do feel a lot better now. I am still not 100%, but it is a far cry (ha ha CRY! ok, no pun intended) from where I was last night. Plus I think going ashore with my friends helped too; sometimes just getting off the ship (I hadn't been off since Seattle) helps to put things in perspective.

Funny thing happened today - and this is why karma is a bitch! The 1st Purser (who yelled at me on Mon about the 2 bad comments) paged me today and told me that the Computer Officer might have to go home and would I be able to help them on turnaround day?? Ha ha ha ha!! I said I would. And you know what? I will smile and do a disgustingly good job :)


Kirsten said...

I agree with you...drugs are GREAT!

Gotta love Karma.

Deena said...