Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Finally made it into Ketchikan!

19 August 08
Approaching Fjords

Today, after being here two times before, I finally got off the ship in Ketchikan! I was almost tempted to stay onboard - I have figured out the reason for my laziness; it is all this gloomy, wet weather!

Anyway I paged Jemma and asked if she wanted to at least pop ashore for lunch; we met at 12.30 at the gangway and then walked into town. We dock right along side the town, so we don't have to actually walk to it. It was raining lightly and cool out - same weather as the last 2 weeks :(

She has been on ships for years - so she knows most ports like the back of her hand. She took me to Creek Street. It literally is a creek as the street and there is a little boardwalk you walk down. All the houses are actually shops. It is so adorable! We stopped at a Fish and Chips place and I had the best popcorn shrimp. I splurged and had some french fries and they were sooo good - like McDonalds! Not the thick, potatoey ones - I dont like those anymore; I am just sick of them from the Artemis

After lunch we walked down Creek Street and popped in and out of some of the shops. Lots of interesting jewelry with little nuggets from the gold mining they still do. The "Gold Rush" was a very big thing up here .. and there are lots of places that still mine for it. That and for Opal (I learned today) as well.

Here are the pics I took today:

We headed back to the ship around 2 as Jemma needed to go back to work around 3 - I napped for a short time but it wasn't enough :( I am not going out tonight, if anything I will just go over to Richard's (if he isn't asleep already LOL) to watch a movie or something. If not, then I will head right to bed. Only 20 more mins of work.

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Kippy said...

That is a cute town. Hope you are feeling more adjusted to your new ship and shipmates. It looks like you had a fun time at the party. Keep the entries coming!! : )