Monday, August 25, 2008

It's Like Summer Camp

25 Aug 08
At Sea - heading for Ketchikan

Saturday night in Victoria was a lot of fun. A bunch of us went into Victoria for dinner - Richard didn't invite Angela - which was smart of him LOL. Anyway, we ended up having a really great night out - the weather was good, we had dinner at a pretty place that over looked the marina and we got to sit outside and listen to live music. I really liked Victoria - much different area than I had stayed in when I signed on. This was of course touristy, but I like that most of the time.

After dinner we walked around the town - it was a Sat night so of course it was pretty lively. There were also 3 cruise ships in as well. We found a cool Irish/Scottish bar with live music and went in for a few more drinks. The band was really good (it was all cover music) and we were there for a while. About 10.15 or so we decided to head back to the ship; I was glad we did. When we got to the pier, there were all these people standing around and Jemma remembered there was going to be a fireworks display to celebrate the opening of a new pier they are building for the cruise ships. Just as we started to walk towards the terminal - the music started! So we were just in time (we thought we missed it) We walked quickly over to where they were to get a better view. There was a great soundtrack to them; and I am such a sucker for fireworks too. Its like in Disney, I always wanted to go to see them no matter if I saw them the night before or not.

When the show was over, there was a small fair set up so we wandered through the local vendors selling hand made arts and crafts and food. Some of the booths had these amazing masks - I would never buy one to wear, but they are really cool to hang on the wall in your house or something (I have liked them since I met Kir - who has one on her wall in her house) Anyway, I am trying to be better about spending money this contract, so I decided against even asking how much they were. (b/c then if they were cheap - I wouldnt say no to buying one LOL)

When we got back on the ship, everyone headed to the Wardie - but I needed to go and close the cafe (we close it at 11pm so there is no more charges on the last night after 11pm) so I worked for about a half hour and then went to the Wardie as well. It ended up being a fun night up there - lots of people came back from town and went right up there. Went and stayed with Richard but just wasn't "feeling it" as much, so that might be my last time. I still think something is going on with Angela; even though he denies it and said he wouldn't do that to me behind my back.

AND ... I am still having a major crush on Boogie - but I dont understand him. He used to come in and visit me often; now I have only seen him twice in passing since 'the incident' :) He hasn't been out at all either - which is wierd for him. Tonight is disco night and everyone goes to that - so hopefully he will be there. Though I am not going to chase him. A few of the girls think he felt rejected when I told him to leave (though I said it nicely) the night he was over; silly men! If I can just hang out with him as usual, I can still play it cool and yet let him know I am interested. I hate to do it, but I certainly know how to "play the game"


Kirsten said...

You know how hard it is to fine those masks. Would have loved to seen what they had. If you ever seem then again see if they have a business card and if they are willing to ship them to the US.

Sounds like you have a great night.

Anonymous said...

You time at band camp...

Come on Stac - I know you know what movie that's from.


Samantha said...

yayyy you got to see fireworks! I know how you love them sooo, we're cranking up the planning for Disney in Oct but I know we're all going to miss you {hug} so we'll think of you when we see the fireworks. Huggies Sugar!