Thursday, August 14, 2008


13 Aug 08
Tracy Arm Fjord

Well this week doesn't seem to be going any better than last!! I think I have the billing problem sorted out enough that I can at least balance my numbers with the ship; I have met some more people and feel a bit more comfortable in the crew bar and wardroom (and Sheryl doesn’t have to babysit me as much LOL) and I am getting settled in the job itself. (not that it is any different than last time, but the pax are different and you have to adapt your “spiels” accordingly) So yes, those things are good things.

I did get 2 bad comments from pax last week and the 1st purser gave me a bollocking about it. I knew who they were from before he even told me. (one was a drunk woman who wanted all her money refunded as well as anything in the future credited back as well – just b/c it was slow; the other was a “telecomm engineer” and wanted to just argue about the satellites) It is a shame that the cruise lines take the pax word as the law, when we are all VERY well aware that pax will lie, cheat and steal to get a refund on something. (and sometimes they will bitch and moan about $2!!) So I was really upset about that on Monday. However, I felt better after talking to some of my other counterparts on other ships, as well as Sheryl and Susie onboard. I did tell my shoreside manager so she was aware of it. She re-confirmed that she knows I do a good job and to take it in stride.

Anyway … time for my lunch break so I will be back later on

Jeesh – no one is cutting me any slack on this ship!! WTF!?!? So today I am just in my cabin chilling out and watching some CSI:Miami; I decided to go call my Mom and stepped out on the “porch” for a little while to call her. When I came back to my cabin, my pager had gone off. I returned the call and it was the Sr Communications Officer who yelled at me for not returning his page quick enough. Now mind you, it is a port day and it is not during my working hours – so I could have very well been OFF THE SHIP (durr, like everyone else who isn't working!!) Anyway, so supposedly there was a MTN tech onboard (though when I emailed the office – no one seemed to know about it) and he needed me. Turns out he really didn’t and told me he could have easily emailed me when he got back to the office. But whatever .. I am so tired of being yelled at. Give me a fucking break! These Italian officers are such ego-maniacs .. grrrrrrrrr.

At least the internet is working tonight.

Oh and for those of you who keep asking – technically I have a roommate, Sheryl. But she lives with her longtime boyfriend, Dave, on deck 4. So I have the cabin to myself until Sheryl signs off in Sept. Then I will get her replacement as my roommate; if I last that long!

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Samantha said...

Urghh don't you just hate that "The Customer's always right" saying - honestly Stay hats off to you babe because this one main reason why I really couldn't do what you are doing! It's hard enough working in HR, we're always saying our job would be so much easier if it weren't for the people!

Remember, this isn't about you it's just pax being pax, try not to take it too personally, I know that's easier said than done.

Remember what goes around comes around so the pax that complained will get their just desserts one day babe!

Yayy for your "own" room for now :-)