Thursday, August 21, 2008

Touring Juneau

21 Aug 08
Skagway, Alaska

So yesterday was a GORGEOUS day! Woke up to lots of sunshine in Tracy Arm, so it looked like a good chance we would get the same in Juneau later on. We pull into Juneau about 1pm, but slowly go up the harbor and then come back because we need to wait for another ship (the NCL Sun) to leave so we can take the berth. So I had gone out on the porch and called Mom while we were tying up. It was so wonderful to feel the sun on my face and the warm breeze - it was like a June day - just perfect!!

I had planned to go up to the top of Mt Roberts if the weather was good; so since it was I wasn't missing a clear day to take some pics. I tried to recruit some friends - but most people had already done it. (it is the popular thing to do) So I went myself, no big deal. Ran into a few people I met on the ship, but no one I am friendly with so I went up and wandered around. Sometimes I like that anyway (no one to want to go here or there and have to compromise with!)

It was soo lovely up there - the views were spectacular!! I tried to get some good shots, but I had a hard time adjusting the exposure - so some of the pics are a little over exposed. It was so quiet and peaceful too. I walked around some of the trails, but I didn't go far. There was a trail that was 2 miles down to the city center. I would have loved to do it, but I didn't trust myself (and my aching feet) nor did I want to do it alone. But I have been losing some weight and doing the stairs, so maybe I will see if I can try it before we leave Alaska. It will also depend on the weather (rain doesn't make for good downhill hiking - lots of mud!)

They had a cool nature center which had a bald eagle! She is in captivity as she was injured and she can't fly more than 5 ft high and she is blind in one eye. (she was shot) I got some good pics of her too. Then I watched a short movie on the native americans who had occupied the land; very interesting culture up here! I wish I would see more totem poles, I think they are so cool!

Here are the pics:

When I came back down the mountain, I tried to go on another tour (there are lots) but most of them were booked up for the day. Good thing as it was starting to get overcast and it looked like the weather was certainly changing. I walked around town and then headed back to the ship about 5.30. Went up to Horizon Court for an early dinner then went back to my cabin to relax; I had to be back at work at 9.30pm. Plus there was a Scavenger Hunt in the crew bar and a "Rave party" somewhere (you have to call between certain hours to find out the location - I didn't call; I knew Terri would tell me LOL) so I needed my nap!!

I went down to the Scavenger Hunt about 11.45 but it was cancelled as Sheryl (who was running it) was sick with a bad migraine. So I hung out there for a bit with Terri, Jemma, Richard and a handful of others before we headed down to the rave party (which was on deck 6 - backstage of the princess theater) It was a really cool setup and just like a small nightclub. Only problem was that at about 1.15 they shut it down since pax could hear it and were complaining. Sigh. Damn pax .. can't they just let us have some fun! We headed back to the crew bar, but the bar had already closed. Then my neighbor Alex, invited a few of us back to his cabin to hang out. (he is the Sr 1st Engineer, so he has a big cabin!!) Me, Jemma, Woody and Boogie went up; we just sat around and talked. Turns out Woody was on Artemis and got off ONE week before I got on it!! How wild! So we talked a lot about who we knew from there.

We left Alex's about 2.30 - but then Boogie and I started talking in the hall and ended up talking in my cabin till after 4am! Holy moly .. so needless to say I am tired!! I had to be up at 7.30 for work at 8 .. so this morning it is coffee, coffee, coffee! :)


Kelly said...

Wow, so pretty up there! I'll definitely have to put Juneau and Ketchikan on my list if I ever get back to Alaska :)

And that's funny that he was on the Artemis! :)

Kippy said...

Cool pictures. That is funny that he was on Artemis. Sounds like you are fitting in quite well with everyone. But did anyone really have any doubts? : ) Love ya!