Sunday, February 10, 2008


10 February 2008

At Sea
En Route to Arica, Chile

Well today has been quiet, yet productive! The net is ON again, thank gawd!! I was going to wonder how I was going to pay the car payment .. LOL. As I write this, we haven’t had any major issues for the last few days even; a few hiccups yesterday but today has been smooth sailing – ha ha!

We got our dept CSQ’s today – Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires – and I had upwards of 12 compliments. Now that doesn’t sound like a lot – but it is a stretch to basically get one or two compliments; mostly they end up being a sounding board for complaints. So to get that many compliments is awesome! Several Senior Officers have said some nice things to me about the CSQ’s; Even the wanker Exec Purser stopped me this morning at breakfast to congratulate me on a job well done. So I guess I am doing something right after all J

It has been a lovely day outside – the seas are nice and calm, the sun is shining and the air temp is in the mid to upper 70’s. I wish it was a port day darnit – I could be outside! Tomorrow is one and I don’t know if I will go ashore; I obviously will be on the 13th as that is when I will be in Lima and I will be meeting up with Ana, my old friend from grade school! It will be wonderful to see her and she is going to take me out and show me around.

Tonight is the Talent Show :) It is a mix of crew and pax, but mostly crew. Of course we are going, since it should be a hoot! Ajay is still working nights till tomorrow, so I will catch up with him later on after the show. I will be happy when he gets back on days – maybe we can finally hang out for real (go ashore to the beach, out for lunch .. something!) On Thurs night there is a disco for Valentine’s Day – so I will be sure to bring my camera to get some pics.


Kippy said...

Way to go Stacy!!! Good work.

Samantha said...

Great news Stacy!! As usual I am following your daily escapades and living a cruise members life through you :)

Soooo I see you've mentioned Ajay a couple of times ummmm do we get to hear any more about him? Or as Carol would ask "where's he from? What does he do? How old is he? LMAO

Teasing us with information does not become you Miss Sasha at Sea LOL LOL

Pip said...

Hooray! Good for you ... keep up the good work!!

Kelly said...

Good job Stacy! Although all of us knew you'd be great at this job since you're such a people person, everyone loves you :-)