Sunday, February 3, 2008

New week, new start

I am hoping this week starts off better than last week was; I was still quite upset last night and of course I did something dumb again - hit reply all instead of reply and sent an email to the whole ship - not a big deal but after everything else, was just the other shoe to drop. I had gone out with the girls to watch the Les Follies show, but left about 3/4 of the way through it. Was tired and sad .. and everything was just hitting me. I was kind of happy Shanessa wasn't in the cabin; I wanted to get into bed and just cry in peace. Stop worrying .. Mom, Liz, Aunt Judy, Aunt Mary .. :) I am ok. From what I had read about first-timers going out to sea, the 3rd and 4th week are the hardest. Your body is adjusting (I have pretty much got my sea legs - I barely notice the ship moving anymore) but so is everything else; your routine, getting used to your new job, your new friends; being away from home and getting frustrated when I am without the internet. And then now I am no longer brand new - so when I make mistakes (though it is understood by most) it is hard. I never have taken critisism well, nor being told off. So ... that lead me to having a moment last night.

Today is a new day - start of a new week. We are going to be heading more and more north and getting to the warmer climates too - so that should help my "blues" Also, I will be seeing my old friend Ana (from grade school!) when I get to Lima on the 13th, so that will be nice too.

BTW, I got my cell phone bill - did I already mention that? $600!!! Holy hell - I was furious. I need to get an email off to Cingular/AT&T now before I lose my connection again!

Will have some pics up from the PIO XI glacier later today as long as the net stays on!

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