Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Key West FL

25 Feb 08

Key West, FL

I’m “home”! Well, FL is like a second home anyway – and honestly, I did feel more comfortable being there and I could just tell I was in the states. It was another great port day too. Jenny and I went ashore just about as soon as they called for crew leave. None of the ships company could go ashore until ALL of the crew had gone through immigration. What a pain in the ass! And the officials were grumpy too – luckily they still moved everyone along at a decent clip.

Anyway, we took the shuttle into town – we were not on the pier that was in town, but the pier right below that, so we couldn’t walk into town. We were dropped off right in the square where we proceeded to find a cash machine for Jenny while I consulted the map for either Sloppy Joe’s or Hog’s Breath – 2 very popular well known bars there. Sloppy Joe’s was only a block up from where we were (turns out HB was only a block in a different direction LOL) and so we went there for some lunch. Yum – margaritas, cheese fries and burgers .. I love America! :P

After lunch we just wandered up and down the streets, in and out of the shops. I picked up some fun knick-knacks .. things that will make the East Coast Girls proud! I will take some pics … you will want these at the next tailgate :) We wandered around till about half 4 and then headed back to the ship.


Kirsten said...

Curzan Rum + Kenny=happiness

Too bad i dont like coronoa

Chrissy said...

yay!!! you're in FL...

i love the frogs - HA!!! and I love all the other signs... flamingos rock!! coronoa is going to be a good time at kenny this summer ;)

where are you going next???