Monday, February 11, 2008

Arica, Chile

11 February 2008

Arica, Chile

If there is such a thing as perfect weather, I am witnessing it! The last 3 or 4 days have been glorious; a few times in the morning it would be foggy and seem like it would be a nasty looking day. But the locals say when that happens it burns off at 12 noon. And you could set your watch by it! Today I was finished at 10 so I went up to Deck 9 ½ to spend some time in the sun. The sun was perfect, hot and breezy (but not like desert hot – in the 80’s I would say) Around half 12 I went back downstairs, had some lunch and then went to meet Liz and Donna (Spa girls) at their cabin to go ashore.

The town is quite cute really; much nicer than a few of the past ports we have been to. Was more like Ushuaia (except its hotter LOL). We wandered through the shops and the street vendors, then stopped at one of the restaurants to grab a snack and a drink. We sat outside in the shade and just people watched. Course more often than not, it seemed someone we knew strolled by – guess that happens when a whole ship of people dump into one tiny town. We each had a beer – I was dying for a nice cold Corona! It was probably one of the best tasting beers I had in a long time :D

Last night was the Talent Show – it was quite good! It wasn’t an open show – you had to audition for the Entertainment Dept before you could go on it – so obviously, they weeded out the bad stuff. At the end of the show, the crew from the Ent Dept did a skit called “If I were not on a cruise ship .. “ It was hilarious!! Martyn was dressed like a ballerina, so you can imagine it was a scream. I didn’t know it would have been that good, so I didn’t have my video camera. I talked to Lizzie tonight (another Lizzie – not my mentor Lizzie) and she said they will most likely do it again on this cruise b/c they will get requests for it. So I will be sure to bring my video camera with me then!

Afterwards I was not in the mood for the crew bar, so Ajay and I went to his cabin to watch a movie .. we actually finished it too! LOL We were watching Pirates of the Caribbean (on tv) and I was half asleep when he got a call to go check on a cabin complaint. So he left me to sleep while he went out. To be honest, I have no idea how long he was gone. I think I completely passed out :) He woke me up around 4 to go “home” (he doesn’t want me to get embarrassed leaving his cabin in the morning when people are up – getting comments on the “walk of shame”. Ha ha, me? Embarrassed? LOL He obviously doesn’t know me well enough yet! Though it is a very considerate gesture) So I shuffled back to my cabin (he is forward, I am mid ship but we are both on Deck 1 – so it isn’t too far) got right into bed and promptly fell right back to sleep.

I have some pics from today in Arica that I will get uploaded tomorrow.


2nd_operator said...

Hi Stacy,

I like it here very much full of colors from different places...

Each time i come to WOCS never miss coming here to see your new photo shots and the places you been to. Indy haven't sent even a single pic they are not allowed to upload anything in the Cafe and don't have laptop in their cabin.

Oh, how i missed your roaring laughter and Indys too, in WOCS ... brings lot of spirit in the site.

bye for now looking forward for your new photos...

ps Happy Valentines, advance!



Chrissy said...

can we get some pics of ajay???? i don't like not having a face to the name...

pics are great!!!

Cindy W. said...

Hi Stacy, Kim sent me your blog. It seems like you are enjoying yourself and the job. Good luck on the sea. We will be checking your blog to keep updated. Be safe.
Cindy & Keith