Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Random Pics

Here are some random pics:

In Memory to Princess Diana - since the ship was named for her

Captain and Jane - lounging in the sun on the bridge wing

Me - last night in the mountains

Me again - (figured the Mom's would like to see I am still normal LOL)

A Whale - for those of us who never saw a real one in the Antarctic leg, the Shoppies put one on the window for us

A pic for Liz - someone else has your name!! LOL

The powerwalkers Jenny and Sarah Jane


Samantha said...

LMAO Stacy love the photo for Liz - Hi Liz!!!

Kelly said...

Those pictures of you in front of the mountains are GORGEOUS!!! You're looking great!

Liz said...

Love the pic of you. You look fabulous. Love the Pic of my cubby, How do they know me.


Your camera takes great pics. Love them. The sunset is beautiful!!!