Friday, February 1, 2008


31 January 2008

Ushuaia, Patagonia (Argentina)

What a nice day! Thank goodness I wasn’t being lazy and decide to go back to bed instead LOL I didn’t come in till at least half 2 ( ha ha that is Brit-Speak for 2.30am ) and I was quite pissed (aka drunk) The PJ party was a huge hit and I had a blast! So many good times; good laughs, lots of dancing, goofing off with friends and of course I took my camera so I have lots of fun pics too!

Speaking of cameras, I bought a new one today. It was about $400 cheaper than I could get in the states, and is a beautiful Nikon; looks like an SLR, but it is digital. Wait till you see the pics I have taken on it today ~ WOW! I am a bit bummed I didn’t have it this past week – but oh well. The town was very cute; reminded me of a little german town set in the mountains. I took lots of pics of course; I love my new toy :P

Internet is back out tonight, so I am writing off line again. Didn’t upload pics this morning (from last night) since I was still half asleep. OMG, funny story ~ I always take a bottle of water up to my bed so that if I wake up and am thirsty, I don’t have to climb down from the top bunk. (cause that is just a huge pain-in-the-ass) Well I must have woken up and taken a drink – but fell back to sleep without putting the cap back on! Yeah, so it was oh-so-delightful to wake up soaked and my first thought was ‘Holy Shit, I peed the bed!!!’ Then as I started to freak out as well as to get out of bed (and my wet clothes!) I saw the empty water bottle; did I mention the water bottle we have for crew are huge? Like over a liter and a half, and of course, the one I took to bed with me was just about full! Moral of the story – don’t drink in bed when pissed!

Hmmm, what else? Oh, ok - Nothing going with Matt; I saw him last night with the girl he used to be dating and it was obvious he still had feelings for her. So I told him that I knew how the situation felt to deal with (from my side and his) and I went through that with Erik before I came out here and I wasn’t going to do that to myself (obviously it was not as dramatic as the things with Erik were, but still) So we will just see. I am as laid back as ever, so whatever happens .. happens!

One of the bartenders likes me - Renzil - he is a cutie but I think he is a baby .. like 22 or something. He is in one of the pics I uploaded - so I will point him out.

Here is the link to the pics:

The blond girl is Jenny - she is a massage therapist; then Amie, then Amie and Clare; then David and me; some of the spa girls: Illka (Matt's girl) Sharon and Reeva, the girls with Amie and David; Lloyd and Buddy, Hugh showing his lingerie, the party crew; Lauren and Me, Matt and me, David and his hat, dancing the night away, Renzil and me (the bartender who likes me), Toby and me (he is trying to duck to my height - he is almost 6'10!) and Toby

Basically - you can see from the pics .. lots of silliness - but such a great time!

(you guys are starting to see some of the same faces, so I won't describe the pics as much anymore)


Chrissy said...

Wait, I'm a little show, I need you to tell me which pic Matt is in... what is he wearing...

thanks!! C.

Pip said...

OMG - your water bottle/peed the bed story reminds me of Hot Johnny! LMAO!!!!!