Saturday, February 23, 2008


22 Feb 08

Belize City, Belize

Wow, another brilliant port day. The weather is glorious! I love the Caribbean – have I mentioned that yet?? :) I wasn’t going to go ashore – we are at anchor, so it is always more complicated to do so; but Cat wasn’t having it. She got someone to cover her IPM duty this afternoon and told me to get my bag, cause we were going – end of story! She knew I was still mad/upset/annoyed about the whole Ajay thing (more to follow on that **) so she said she wasn’t going to let me stew over it. And that whenever she was feeling bad, going ashore always seemed to help. We took the high speed tender over and just as we arrived we ran into Jenny who got separated from her group; so she asked to come along with us.

**the long and short of it is - he tells me he has been hearing gossip and comments about us hanging out and he didn't like it, so he didnt want to continue seeing me because he didn't want to be with anyone. HOWEVER he has been publically pursuing Sam, and making a fool of himself to be honest. Many people keep coming to me asking why he is giving her flowers, chocolates, etc. After yesterday I told everyone - I don't want to know. To me, he is just playing games and I have no time for that. Not to mention I am too old to start 'high school' all over again

We went for lunch first, as I was starved! I over-slept (no I wasn’t partying too much – I was just tired and I didn’t snooze my alarm) So I ran from my bed to work in 10 mins flat – go me! LOL Anyway, went to the Wet Lizard for lunch. Yummy food and a smashing Pina Colada. Probably one of the best; and everyone knows I am picky about my pina coladas J After a leisurely lunch, we walked around the town for some shopping! (what better therapy than retail therapy!) Ha ha

We came across a camera store – I always check any electronic or camera shops for a zoom lens for my camera. I had Kevin research the lens I should get and pricing for it – we had found a place in Ft Lauderdale with a great price on the perfect lens so I had planned to go there when Mom and I were out shopping. However, this place had the same lens for almost $100 cheaper – what a deal! When I told Kev later on, he was bummed he didn’t know earlier or he would have gone ashore to get one as well. I was also able to get a 3 pack of filters for $20! Pretty cheap.

Walked around some more – it was amazing how different it was since I have been there. It was quite nice there with the shopping, the bars/restaurants and cute little boutiques. We wandered into Diamonds International since Jenny was looking for an Emerald ring – we found some nice things and I found this GORGEOUS peridot and diamond ring. The price was a little steep, so I said forget it. While Jenny was sorting out what she wanted to do about her ring, one of us said something about work and the guy said “wait, you guys are crew?” and we said we were. He said he would be right back and went to speak to his manager. He came back a few minutes later and gave us each a steal of a price. Then he said if we both bought, he would give us an even bigger discount. Wala – sold! We had Sateesh (the onboard jeweler) look them over when we got back and he said he would have priced them for over $1000!!! I paid nothing near that!!!! Woo hoo

Ok, so I told the girls I was done shopping :) Would still wander around with them .. of course. We were in this one shop and Jenny saw this 3 ft frog that has the Velcro on his hands and he was hanging from the top of a window. Jenny bought it for me – she wanted to get me a little something the other day to cheer me up but didn’t find anything so she bought it for me. It is hanging from my deadlight cover in the cabin now. And then we were looking at sarongs/wraps for the beach and cat bought me a pretty one with browns and lots of colors in it to match my swim costume. I was being spoiled!!

We headed back for the tender dock at about 3.15 as I had to work at 4 (which is stupid since no one is ever here at that time – I am going to talk to the new Comm Manager when he gets onboard 10 March) I truly had a wonderful day .. it was just what I needed .. another day with just the girls.

Here are some pics:


Jules said...

you look great Stac - so relaxed and like you are truly having a grand time! You go girl - who needs guys like that right?

Love the ring - can't wait to see it in person :)

Kelly said...

Sounds like an awesome day! Nothing better than shopping with the girls ;-)

And I agree with Jules - can't wait to see that ring in person!