Friday, February 8, 2008


I probably haven't mentioned it before - but I have been having terrible pain in my heels. I had attributed it to being on my feet and in dress shoes - but then I noticed I was getting it when I was walking a lot, even when wearing my trainers!

So I was looking around online (I love WebMD!) and I found something called Plantar Faciitis; I am going to have the Dr look at my feet tomorrow. I am also wondering if it is why I have such swollen ankles. The Dr doesn't think the swelling is due to the meds, since the swelling is fluctuating (some days are worse than others)

I happened to be wandering into the Back Office (behind the Pursers Desk) and was complaining to Shanessa about my feet hurting again, when Lizzie (the PSM and my Mentor) started asking me all these questions - turns out she has it and she said it sounds like I do too.

First order of business in every port has been to look for shoes - once we get out of S America I think I will have better luck. Now that I know what I need (even if I don't actually have it - I am hoping the remedies still work) I am going to see about getting a pr of Crocs and getting some Ortho-Pedic shoes. I will also get the Dr Scholls heel cushions to help out in my current shoes.

Since I know at least the Mom's are going to ask - here is what WebMD says:

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Kippy said...

Hey - I had that once. Started up when I started playing a lot of volleyball again. It bothered me the most in the morning when I would get up. My sister the athletic trainer told me to flex and point my toes/feet for a little bit before I got up and it really helped. Then it eventually went away (so there is hope). : ) Not sure if that will help but wanted to share. Can't hurt to try. Hope things get better with this soon.