Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Mum Misses Me!

She misses me so much, she is going to come for a visit!

I will be in Port Everglades, FT Lauderdale, on 26th Feb and Mum is going to fly down the night before and then come and spend the day with me!! YAY! After the week I have had, that is a good thing :) We are going to have to go to the Coast Guard office that day so I can get those docs in order for my next contract, but then we can have lunch and I need to go to Target/Walmart for supplies!

I applied for her visitors pass today; I can get her on the ship and show her around, introduce her to my friends and fellow crew members. She has not been on a cruise ship before so it will be so cool to show her my "home"!

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Melissa said...

Hey, I might be in FL that week too for training! My last day at work here is supposed to be Friday, Feb. 22nd so I guess it's up to MTN.