Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Like A Frog

29 Feb 08

Happy Leap Year Day!

I know that doesn’t make any sense – but today is that weird day in February that only comes every 4 yrs or something. Since they call this year a ‘leap year’ because of it – seems you should celebrate the day that causes the confusion, right?

Anyway – good day; net connection has been up most of the day with only some outages here and there. We are out at the moment, but we usually adjust our course at night, and it is about 9pm now here. Got some of my end of cruise work done, but I still have a lot more to do. Basically we have to compile figures, credits, refunds, etc all into one report for the ENTIRE cruise. This one started on 17 Dec 07! As long as the net stays up, I will be able to get it all done by the time we hit Madeira on the 6th. Only 5 more sea days to go LOL There is a lot of effen water out there!

Got beeped by the Muppet tonight at a few minutes after 7 and was like ‘oh shit - what did I do now?’ But it was actually GOOD news! I have been nominated by the CRUISE Committee for the Employee of the Month CRUISE award. HOLY CRAP!!! That is the biggest compliment with the company. Basically anyone can get nominated by a pax or a fellow crew member – then the committee meets to discuss all the candidates and nominates 5 people for the award from all the candidates. I am one of them!! I don’t even care if I don’t win – I am chuffed just to be nominated .. and on my first month of my first contract!! I must be doing something right :P Here is the ‘speil’ (as we call them) from Captain that is in the paper every few days:

CRUISE Programme Message from Captain Peter Philpott

CRUISE is our Customer Service Programme and is all about the way in which we interact with you, our customers and the way we work with each other. During your
time on board if you receive ‘Outstanding Performance’ in customer service from
any one of us, we ask you to nominate that person using an ‘Outstanding Performance Award’ card which can be found in your cabin folder and which are also
available from the Reception Desk.

These are reviewed each month by the Senior Officers on board and the ‘Outstanding Performer’ plus Runners-Up are selected in view of the standard of their service effort.

The Ship’s Company use a similar process to nominate fellow crew members for outstanding service. Those nominations are also included in the same selection process for the monthly award. The winners are honoured on board, receive awards and the ‘Outstanding Performer’ each month is introduced to our passengers at the Captain’s Welcome Onboard Cocktail Party. We attach great importance to our CRUISE programme and are grateful for your nominations.

Pretty cool huh? I will keep you posted after the awards tomorrow :) I am so excited, I have been bouncing around all evening (leap like a frog!)

Tonight is Bingo Night in the crew bar – haven’t been for one yet, so it should be a hoot. Convinced Cat to go out and my new friend Jill (she lives between Cat and me and just got on in Ft Lauderdale) along with my usual crew – Amie, Clare, Tanya, Reggie, Ash, David, Bruce, etc.


Chrissy said...

geat job stace and congrats!!!! a little sunshine can go a long way :)

Liz said...

Congratulations! Of course I'm not surprized. Let us know when you win

Kippy said...

Congratulations Stay! Great accomplishment on your first job. I am sure it won't be the last.