Sunday, March 30, 2008

The best day in paradise

30 March 08

Santo Thomas de Castilla, Guatemala
(yeah sorry - its Guatemala ... not Nicaragua LOL)

Yesterday was the best day EVER! Better than Barbados .. mainly because I wasn't on the beach or in the water as much as I was up in The Boatyard's bar .. But here I was on the beach from the minute we got there. What could be better than hanging with your friends on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world (not just my opinion, ask Samantha Brown from The Travel Channel!) sipping margaritas, while sitting in a beach chair IN the water :) Can you tell me how life can get any freakin better?!?!? Oh and I met some Americans from CA .. God, I never realized how much I miss *normal* people (Sorry to Sam, Ash, etc .. nothing personal .. though you guys are more American than foreigners anyway ... LOL)

Anyway the pics pretty much speak for themselves .. after a FAB day we went back to the ship around 4.30 where I fell into a very long, margarita-induced, coma .. oh I mean sleep LOL

(I had my good camera with me - so I only took pics in the beginning - once the margaritas were flowing, I put it away since I was afraid I would drop it in the sand, water .. or worse, my drink!)

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Chrissy said...

omg that beach looks amazing, esp as i sit in my office in boring / raining philadelphia... sigh....

glad you had a great day at the beach...