Monday, March 3, 2008

Wow - the scenery

Water, water - everywhere!

Jeesh, everyday I wake up - more water! :-)

More than halfway across the pond now .. only two more sea days and we will finally be on land! (ok well the ship won't, but I will!)

Last night we had a Crew Deck Party BBQ - was fun!! Wish it lasted longer (or went later - it started at 9.30 .. which is too early since most people work till 10 or so) and it ended at 11.30 so a lot of people ended up in the crew bar (was the most I have seen on a non-disco night ever!)

Brought my camera - took some fun pics:

First pic is of me and Cat hugging Jill (she is the new Shore Ex Manager and lives between me and Cat) Then just some fun pics at the party; some pics of me and Ash (Fresh Kebab) He is my best mate and I love him to pieces - we are going to both be working for Norwegian next so we are chuffed!

That's all for now - we have our next disco for the 'leavers' (people signing off in Southampton) on the 7th so that will be one hell of a par-tay!


Kippy said...

Do you know what your next assignment is already? Or just that it will be on Norwegian?

Melissa said...

So are you switching ships in the middle of your contract? Hopefully I'll see you in Hawaii! :)

Chrissy said...

when are you switching ships?
umm, looks like we all have some questions... answers please... thanks sunshine!