Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ports Of Britain

So much for being “on our way again”! Woke up yesterday morning after a terrible night at sea (I never am bothered by the movement if I am sleeping – but everything in my cabin was shifting and banging around and I kept getting woken up!!) Anyway – turns out, we had to head back to England! The weather and seas were so bad, it broke the chains of the anchor (holding it in place) and the anchor got free and started banging around. Put a few holes in the ship! Yikes! A few cabins on my deck had some water in them, but it wasn’t on my side – it was the starboard side. So some have a big mess over there ..

They made an announcement yesterday morning that we had turned around in the early hours of the morning and were taking us back to the closest port in England – Falmouth (Cornwall) for repairs. We got there at about lunchtime then we had to wait for the P&O people to come out and look at the damage. We were able to fix it and get on our way around 10pm last night. We are not going to get to the Caribbean till the 20th – so we are going to miss Antigua. Supposedly, the company is looking at the whole itinerary and might muck up the whole thing! (that is the scuttle-butt around the crew areas – the Captain touched on it lightly in his announcement, but I don’t think the pax figured it out) Effers – just let us pick up where we should! If they mess with our Barbados day, I am going to be angry – I am supposed to meet Marcus for lunch that day dammit!

Went out to the crew bar for a little bit again last night – its so different there with so many people missing. I know I said that before, but its so true. Tonight is supposed to be the Joiners Disco. Might be a good time – but I know I am missing Ash like crazy and it won’t be the same without him. Funny how things work huh? I guess the old sayings are true – ‘what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger’ and ‘the best things come to those who wait’ (I could think of about 20 others right now but I won’t bore you!)

ANYWAY, so that is the story for now. We are at sea for at least a week – whoopee!

P.S. – this is my going away gift from Ash: (great choice huh?) I love it - I don't even take it off!


Kippy said...

Hang in there Stacy!! I am sure you will have a new crew of friends soon. Love your present from Ash. He does good work! ha.

Chrissy said...

well holy hell those seas sound rough! glad all is fixed and you're finally back out to sea...

your gift is awesome - :)

Kirsten said...

Holy Hell on a steeeck :)

A hole in the boat...I would have been going crazy. Glad it got fixed and you are back on track.

Miss ya!!