Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Columbia - Cocaine Capital of the World!

26 Mar 08
Colon, Panama

First of all Happy Birthday to Kir! Sorry I can’t be there to celebrate with you!! Miss you!!
And a Happy Birthday to Mr Hot Ass himself .. Kenny Chesney J

Ok, that out of the way .. yesterday we were in Santa Marta, Columbia. It was the first time for P&O (and after my story, you will join me in thinking it was also our last). We got in without any trouble; I wasn’t going to go ashore since it was only a half day port. But Cat wanted to go out and walk around in the sunshine, so I agreed. We walked out of the port gates and started getting bombarded with people selling us stuff .. sunglasses, tee shirts, whatever. It was like the parking lot of a concert and all those guys selling boot-leg shirts. I didn’t like how pushy they were, as opposed to just taking no. A few of them were whistling under their breathe at me as I walked away .. and a handful of them asked me to come home with them. They liked my blond hair and blue eyes. One of them even motioned that they liked my big “booty”. I guess I am one of a kind in those parts J Its funny now – but at the time, I was quite uncomfortable. I obviously was carrying cash, ID and I had my good camera, so I was a little concerned about that. We stayed on the main road – Cat wanted to go down a side street, bless her – but I don’t think she thought it as bad as it was. From a distance it looked like a quaint street like we had seen in Montevideo or something. But once we crossed the main road I told Cat ‘no way’ It wasn’t filled with tourists at all .. it was all locals. God knows someone was going to try to sell us coke, attempt to kidnap me .. or both!

Being from NY it takes a lot to make me uncomfortable. However, living in the ghetto in Philly taught me a lot about street-smarts and to go with my gut. My instincts said no, so I wasn’t going. We ended up heading back to the ship along the beach and then back on. We were off all of about 45 mins LOL.

Well when I got back, I threw some laundry in and then what else .. went up on deck J Sat with Carlin for a while .. just chatting and sunbathing on 9 ½. We were supposed to sail at 1pm but by about 1.30 we still hadn’t. Captain came on and said the local officials wanted to inspect the underbelly of the ship and had to have divers come to do so – so we were going to be held up for about an hour. I am not sure what the officials were looking for .. stowaway Columbians holding their breath? Bags of coke attached to the hull? Come on now! We finally departed at a few mins before 3 – just in time for my nail appt with Buddy.

She and I always catch up and gossip when I get my nails done – turns out one of our waiters had been slashed during an attempted mugging right before we left! Some woman came up to him right outside the port gates (she has balls!!) and tried to get his money. When he told her over and over he didn’t have any – she slashed him in the arm! Holy crap!! I don’t know the guy personally – but I still feel so bad for him. He is doing fine – but that was the reason we didn’t leave right at 1 as well .. they had to talk to the local police .. along with the port officials being wankers.

Other than all of that – took some neat pics of the town. Don’t know that I EVER want to go to Columbia again .. but we will see. Maybe there is a nice area somewhere I don’t know about - LOL - though I doubt it!

Here are the pics:


Chrissy said...

holy hell!!!! that sounds crazy... glad you got out of there safe and sound...

happy birthday mr. hot ass!!!! yummmy!!!!!

Kirsten said...

Thanks for the b-day wish. I am surprised Kenny wasnt first on your list to wish a happy b-day too!

Glad you made it out safe. I dont think you should go back EVER again. I can risk losing my wifey.

Samantha said...

OMG that does sound like one scary place - you did well getting off for just 45 mins!! That poor guy!

Yeah I wouldn't hurry back either!