Friday, March 21, 2008

Have I Told You Lately ...

21 March 08
Fort-de-France, Martinique

.. that I just *love* the islands???

We are in Fort De France, Martinique today - another new port for me and another great day :)

Worked till half 10 then had Crew Hotel Training (Survival Equipment was today's topic) finished at 11 and then met the girls quay-side at 11.15. Tanya, Clare, Amie and I wanted to go to the beach .. we tried to get a taxi but the guy was pulling out a map and telling us to take the ferry, etc. (Btw, I do my research before I ever get off the ship when we are in port if we are going anywhere but to the town) So we start walking away and he is yelling over "madamoiselle .. madamoiselle" and trying to get us to go with him - I tell him .. in my best NY attitude .. "you just told me to take the ferry - beat it" :)

Anyway, we walk towards the front of the port and another taxi guy comes up and tells us he will take us to the beach for $20 US. Now we are talking! So he drove us to a secluded beach - nice, but we were hoping for something with a place to eat, etc. So he then took us to a nice hotel nearby and said we can use their beach - since it wasn't really "theirs"

It was a beautiful hotel - up on a bluff, overlooking the water .. gorgeous! The people there were a bit cheeky (aka "rude") but its the French .. I wasn't surprised to be honest. I took some really great photos though. Had a nice day on the beach with the girls .. after quite a few hours it got too hot and we were hungry (the restaurant prices were ridiculous - 15euro for a freakin salad) so we left and when we got into town - realized everything was closed!! WTF?? Well duh - it was late afternoon on Good Friday .. ahh, how we keep forgetting. So where did we eat you ask? One of the only 2 places in town that were open - KFC or McDonalds - so we opted for KFC. Pretty funny! Was yummy though ..

Headed back to the ship around 4ish and went up on deck 9 1/2 to just enjoy the rest of the sun, fresh air and scenery. Was really a lovely day! Here are the pics - I took about 75, but I cut them down a bit :)

Up Next - Georgetown, Barbados - tomorrow

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Kelly said...

That water looked gorgeous - I wish I was there with you!!! :-)