Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St Patty's Day

17 March 08

Somewhere in the Atlantic - but getting very close to the caribbean

We are close enough to the caribbean .. I was actually sunbathing yesterday! It was glorious! After several chilly days on the crossing to England, then the absolute crap weather IN England .. then of course more chilly days leaving England .... it was sooo awesome to get out on deck again. A few of us were up there .. and we just kept sighing saying 'this is so great!'

I didn't get out there today - I was so tired (disco last night) and I am trying to fight off a cold - so I went for a nice long nap in my bed. It worked out because the sun went in about an hour after I went to sleep (Sam told me LOL she is the sun-watcher) I didnt sleep great - you never really do when you have that fever mouth .. ick it sucks! I am going to take 2 Tylenol PM as soon as I get off of work tonight and then watch a movie. No more partying unless it is a disco night. Usually a normal night in the crew bar is pretty quiet - so I am not missing anything. Plus, the crew bar isn't the same without Ash - even when it was dead we always hung out with the "regulars" LOL .. even if I do go down there, it is for one glass of wine and then I leave to go back to my cabin and into my bed. Funny how things change you, eh?

Here are some pics from the party - most people you know .. some are new crew .. the pics at the end were from Verity's cabin (one of the dancers) after the disco ended and I was having fun playing dress up :)



Steve & Di said...

Hi Stacy, Enjoying your blog, glad to see that 'Partymis' is living up to her reputation...lol. Hope you are not missing us ol passengers from the Odyssey too much....lol. Say hi to Dom, Sam, Bubbles, Liz, Nigel, Girlie, William et al and those that remember us, eh? Cheers. Steve & Di

Samantha said...

Hmmmm somehow I don't think Orange is your colour LOL

Fun pics sweetie - hey send some of that warm weather back to Blighty pleasy!!! xoxo