Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Here We Go (Again)

We have finally left Southampton after an 18 hour delay in departure, due to the continuous nasty storms in and around the area. We left at 10am this morning, got through the English Channel with some lumpy seas and are now back in the Bay of Biscay again .. with lots of rough water to deal with!

We were supposed to have a port in La Coruna, Spain tomorrow; but with the late departure and the rough seas (we cant go fast in the rough water - we are only going about 11 knots at the moment) we aren't going to make it and instead our new captain has plotted a course straight for Antigua - which is our first port once we cross the pond. I am not worried about missing Spain as it is on one of the next cruises in the Med. I dont think too many pax are upset either - since once we get to the Caribbean we are in port almost every day. The most sea days we have is one in between 2 ports. So we won't have the long hauls like we did on the S American Odessey trip. After this crossing, the next long leg of sea days will be in early April when we head back across the pond and to Madeira again. (Turns out one of my Cyber Friends from Work On Cruise Ships will also be in Madeira on the same day - we are going to meet for lunch!!)

Ash signed off yesterday :( We were able to spend the whole day together, before he had to leave the ship around 2.30pm. It was sad as he was leaving and so were so many other people including my cabin-mate Shanessa. I was really bummed out last night - the crew bar was dead and with so many new faces on the ship (crew AND pax) I was sad. I did get a nice phone call from him this morning once he landed in Mumbai and went through customs; then he emailed me this evening to let me know he got into Calcutta and home ok. He misses me like crazy he said. Awww :)


Chrissy said...

awww... so i forget, as i'm sure you have told us already, but i can't remember anything... when will you see him again???

i'm glad you finally got back out to sea... hope it's not that bad for you guys...

Kippy said...

Enjoy your new adventure!! New Pax to impress and get new awards!! tee hee. Have fun!!