Thursday, March 27, 2008

Didn't see Panama Jack ..

.. but saw his friends with his hat on!

27 Mar 08
Limon, Costa Rica

Another birthday today – Happy Birthday Kellu!!

Ok, that’s done .. We were in Panama yesterday .. not much to do there other than a Panama tour. I was supposed to go with Jill and Cat .. Jill was getting a private tour from her Excurisions contact (she is the Shore Excursions Manager) but somehow I never found them in the terminal when they said they were looking for me. Oh well.

In the meantime while I was waiting for them – I wandered around with Lucy, Brooke and Alice .. checking out the table vendors and shops. Decided to go for a margarita on the outside bar .. was really nice! (the bar and being outside was too! LOL) Seriously, the margaritas were the best .. I normally don’t like them on the rocks, but they were kick ass! (Pip – you would have loved them!!!)

We didn’t do much .. after that, we decided to go to the other bar in the terminal (The Wahoo Bar) and try their margaritas out .. they were so good as well we aren’t even sure which one is better! Lucy had to go do IPM at 1, so she and Brooke left after that. Alice still had another hour before she needed to go back to work, so we went for one more drink at the last bar (how many bars are in this terminal??) which was right at the bottom of the gangway to the ship.

After the 3rd margarita – I went up on Deck 9 ½ while Alice went back to work. I proceeded to fall into a nice, margarita-induced, snooze :) Got a little sun .. still working on the tan of course .. then about 3.30 then sun was going behind some possibly nasty clouds .. I wanted to nap in my own bed anyway. So nap away in my own bed I did! Liz and Aunt Pat would be so proud at all the napping I do .. LOL. The first day Alice got on she told me she isn’t ‘the napping kind’ (as I was laying on my bed and getting ready for my daily siesta) .. I said “oh you just wait” and she’s not even here a week and already she is looking to nap LMAO!!

Anyway – here are some pics from yesterday:

We were in Limon Costa Rica today .. but you have seen it before since we were here on the last cruise .. so I didn’t take any pics today. Tomorrow is a sea day and then Yahoooo we are in Roatan on Sunday .. can’t wait for that beach!!!

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Kelly said...

Thanks for the birthday wish! :-)