Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

23 March 08
At sea, enroute to Aruba

Happy Easter everyone!

I know it is Easter Sunday .. but it really isn't any different. They had church services onboard (but they have that every Sunday anyway) and I don't know that lunch was any different for them - it certainly wasn't for us. We have the *same* thing every Sunday for lunch .. fish and chips, Shepherds Pie (Or is it Cottage? Never can tell them apart) Mushy Peas (BLECH!) and some sort of beef. Boooooring .. I like the pie .. but enough is enough. And the fries - jeezus, I don't even *want* to eat them because they are served so much - which is a good thing I guess!

Anyway, yesterday we were in Barbados - what a great freaking time!!! Met up with Marcus in the am, and just walked around the terminal and port area. Ran into Brooke and Lucy at the little tiki hut outside so we sat there, chatted and had a few rum punches. Damn that stuff is lethal - it is soo yummy and easy to go down .. then you have to stand up .. wowee ! After a few drinks, we went to eat and then shop around a bit. Lucy and I found the rum punch in one of the Duty Free stores .. so of course we had to get some! Marcus hung around till 1 with me just shopping and such - then we walked back to my ship to meet up with Sam, Cat and Jill to head off to the Boatyard ( a great beach bar/club that is very popular with the crew from all the ships) Marcus then headed back to his ship to get ready for work and we headed off!

The Boatyard was an absolutle blast!! I have been hearing about this place all contract and I was having so much fun - you will see from the pics! The girls from my ship were in Bikini Shaking contests and Colada Slurping contests - Artemis gals won them both :) Yeah I know Mom - something to be proud of right? Well, I thought it was hilarious. Anyway .. we were there till about 6, then I had had enough .. was fairly tipsy, hot, wet (the swimming was awesome!) and very sandy. I wanted a shower and my bed! LOL We headed back and I did just that ..

Here are my pics - no need for explanations .. lots of rum punch was flowing .. nuff said!


Samantha said...

Ha ha Stay, Cottage Pie is made traditionally with beef and Shepherds Pie is made from lamb (derived from Shepherds looking after sheep), hope that helps ;)

Happy Easter!

Jules said...

Happy Easter Stacy! The photos in Barbados look wonderful... I'm glad you are enjoying the sun :)

Chrissy said...

Happy Easter!!!
the water looks amazing!!! i'm really jealous about now... looks like a ton of fun!!!!