Sunday, March 9, 2008

We're Home!

Ok, well it isn't home for me - but it is home for about half of the crew onboard. We came into Southampton early - there was a storm chasing us up the coast of Spain that is supposed to arrive here later tonight, so the Captain "stepped on the gas" yesterday to get us into port early so we can just be here at our berth and not out to sea (in the english channel) when the storm comes through.

Here are some pics that I hadn't had a chance to get uploaded till now:

My CRUISE Award:

And the little blurb in the Friday MTN Newsletter about my award:
Big congratulations to Stacy on the Artemis who was awarded a certificate of commendation acknowledging her outstanding achievements onboard for Customer Service and was honored as a runner up for this award. This is huge! This award is rarely given to concession staff let alone on their FIRST CONTRACT. Way to go Stacy!

Some random pics from the last few days:

Amie - holding on for dear life in the crew bar during rough seas
Ash giving me some lovin'
Sam, Jenny and Me at the 'Leavers Disco'
Me and Ash (doesn't he look mad?? LOL)
Amie and Me
Jo (Bubbles) and me (she is one of my mentors - and is the Food & Bev Manager)
Silly pic - look at Clare!!
Lizzie and me (my mentor)

If you havent guessed from all the pics - Ash and I have been seeing each other. Kind of just happened really; he has been my best guy friend onboard since Day 1 and after the whole Ajay nonsense asked me to grab dinner one night just to talk. Well it all kind of just happened after that that we got together - and now I am crazy about him and he is the same about me. Spoils me rotten (can anyone say good taste in jewelry?!?) and treats me like a Queen. Of course, there is always some kind of a downside right - what is it you ask? He is signing off tomorrow! :( :( There is a silver lining though - he is going back to Norwegian after his vacation and since he knows I am going there as well, wants to make sure he is assigned with me. We will see - I am going into it all with a pinch of salt, since I also know how promises are made during ship life only to grow apart during leave and/or be sent to different ships. However, I am trying to just take it as it happens. Everything happens for a reason ... right ?


Kippy said...

Congrats again Stacy on the award and also on completing your first working cruise. Smashing job.

Are you going to be able to see Sam while in turnaround? Hope so but jealous at the same time. : ) ha

I think you have a great attitude about things and you are right, everything happens for a reason. Just enjoy yourself and have fun.

Samantha said...

I wish I had known you were getting in earlier Stay I could have come down to Southampton yesterday, Sunday :(

Otherwise no Kippy I couldn't because I only had so much holiday to take this year and Stay was originally docking today Monday and I couldn't take the time off as I had already booked some off for Dossie and Rebs who were supposed to arrive Friday night but now don't arrive until Tuesday morning - LONGGGGGGGGGG STORY LOL LOL

Anyways I'll be seeing Stay for sure on one of the other turnarounds :)

Kelly said...

Great job Stacy - you should be so proud of yourself! :-)

Hope you guys both end up on the same ship together, that would be cute :-)