Friday, March 28, 2008

Houston, we have a problem

28 Mar 08
On our way to paradise – Roatan, Honduras

Well it’s been a hell of a day at sea! I ran a Frequent User promo – which normally brings the pax in like shoppers after Thanksgiving, but yet .. I only did 577 pounds! VERY LOW for that promo .. I normally can hit over 1000 pounds at least. These people just aren’t spending anymore .. They started off with a bang; but supposedly since we have had all the troubles, they are feisty and pissy, so they aren’t spending. Damn! So yet another month, not making target.

About 6pm Captain came on – and in my head I went “uh oh” - since he normally doesn’t come on at that time for anything unless there is something important to say. Well he tells us we are going to get to Roatan on time tomorrow and stay till our normal time (thank the lords above) but that on Sunday we will need to leave Santo Thomas, Nicaragua about 5 hours early because Engine 4 is on the fritz and overheating - so in order to make Cozumel on time on Monday, we need to leave earlier on Sunday. What the hell is going on with this ship?!?!? Some crew say this Captain does things different .. and doesn't use his expertise .. so some of the things could have been avoided. That is the scuttle-butt around here .. as well as Ash telling me some of the same things.

So then we got our CSQ’s tonight – I went to read mine thinking ok, well if nothing else I will do ok in the Customer Service part of my job. Nope! Think again, my friend. Other than a few positive comments .. And my normal “its too expensive” ones .. I got ripped on a few!! WTF?? How can I be soo good one cruise and suck ass the next? Well I was seriously pissed off! Then for fun .. And to see how other dept’s did (thanks to Pip for the idea as I was wingeing at her about it on IM tonight) it seems we were ripped apart in every dept – here are some of my favorites:

F&B – “Sweets are too sweet”
Photo – “Photographers are no where to be seen”
Entertainment – “Cruise Director is called Mr Invisible by some of us passengers”
Entertainment – “Should have BBC World during entire cruise, not just in UK”
Shops – “Shops aren’t big enough”

These people are just mad! (IE: Mad means Crazy in Brit-Speak) At least I felt a little better once I read them – since some of them were hilarious .. And just so far from the truth! I mean hell, the photogs are always out .. Our cruise director is probably out “on deck” more than any other HOD (head of dept) and you can’t get effen BBC WORLD in the Caribbean you effen nutters!

Can’t wait for tonight – Spa Disco .. Angels and Devils .. any ideas on what I will be? :P

Tomorrow – the beach in Roatan .. all day!!!

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