Saturday, January 19, 2008

3 Times A Charm

1030 hours

Buenos Aires

I guess the saying of Three Times Is A Charm is true; 3rd night out to the crew bar and wooo, hooo what a party! Everyone and their Mum turned up, even some of the officers who never seem to come out (I wouldnt either if I had to wear my uniform everywhere I went onboard!) I really had a kick ass time last night. Had some drinks, a lot of laughs and even had a few minutes to speak with Mr. Night Officer, who had come by on his rounds to check on things. Hmm :) We closed the place down at one .. they usually do last call at 12.45am and close the bar at 1am; but they don't kick the crew out of the lounge till about 2. I left at about 0130 and headed off to bed. Woke up at 4am to my roomie running around the cabin yelling for me to turn my iPod off! Huh?!?!? After turning off every imaginable object in the cabin, we realized it was the PA system; turns out the Engineers down in the Engine Room had their music on and had hit the switch to broadcast into the crew deck. Yikes. Someone was going to get a lickin' this morning. I heard even Captain heard it in his room. Ooops!!

I had to work this morning at 0800 so it was tough to get up; between the late night and the wild music at 4am .. I didnt get a good sleep. Worked till 10am and since we were in port had the mid day off, so I had made an appt to get my nails infilled. I was so pleased; Buddy is the nail tech up in the spa and she rocks! Since I was her only appt of the day I asked if I could get a pedi too. So we made an appt for me to come back at 1530 for that. After my nails, I went and threw some laundry in and then went to eat in the Officers Mess. It was actually quite lovely to sit, eat and chat without being in a rush! Then I went back to change the laundry to the dryer and went to take a nap till the laundry would be ready (I put it on the coolest dryer setting so nothing shrinks and it takes like an hour and a half to dry) Got up about 1445 and picked up my laundry, came back to fold it and put it away then went up for my pedicure. It was wonderful! I needed a good foot and ankle rub since my ankles are still swollen and sore. Buddy even sprayed some pain reliever on them to help them try to go down a bit. Once that was done, I went down to the Medical Center to see the Doc about the ankles. I have had enough. Only 1 pr of shoes fit (my slide on stretchy Disney sandal-flats) or flip-flops. She didnt think the swelling is due to the BP pills, since I had been on the pills about 9 days before the swelling started. She thinks it is more a combination of the sunburn, being on my feet more than usual (before this job) the salty food (no I am not adding salt I promise!) and even just being on the ship. Since my BP was still not great, she wanted me to start taking it again and then come and see her in a few days if the ankles are still swollen. In the meantime she wants me to make sure I drink plenty of water, elevate my feet whenever I can and put my life jacket under my mattress so my feet are elevated when I sleep. So we will see what happens.

We are in port overnight tonight, so the plan is for all of the crew (who can get off) to go out dancing tonight in the city. I am so psyched! Going clubbing in Argentina .. who gets to do this?? Oh, right - me! :) I cant wear my cute hooker heels .. they are too tight for my fat little feet to get into right now .. sigh, oh well :( So I went around to my neighbors and borrowed a few prs of fancy flip flops to wear so I dont look too under-dressed if I wore my Old Navy flips LOL

That's all for now - off to run my nightly reports.

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