Monday, January 14, 2008

Crew Bar!

14 Jan 08

Still sailing the Atlantic
Heading SE Towards Rio De Janiero

Last night was my first night out to the crew bar; had a great time! Its not the crazy, insane party everyone thinks it is; well at least not on this ship :-) I found out that P & O has a few nicknames; one for the crew who frequent the bar (Poor & Old) and some other funny ones for the pax (Paralyzed & On the way out) LOL!! However, it was still a lot of fun ~ for me at least. Met a lot more people from other depts that I havent had contact with yet; My new "friends" range from Pursers to Food & Beverage Managers to Waiters to Production Staff. And everyone in between :) They come from England, India, S Africa, Scotland, The Phillipines ..

So anyway, had a few drinks; mostly bought by my new friends .. which was very sweet. I am getting to kow more people everyday, which is great since I can walk down the corridors now and see some faces I recognize and have actually met! Even if I haven't met them, everyone still says "Hi" when you pass by. Some cute guys were there, Hugh who works next door in the Gift Shop (quite a hottie, but I am sure he gets all the ladies) Bruce who is a Head Waiter, David who works in Starlights Lounge ... I am sure I will find more :=)

I don't remember if I said this before ( I write these on Word as I have time, then I will post one when I am finished with it ) but I am NOT impressed with the crew food AT ALL!! It is (obviously) catered to the British (Officer's Mess) and so is the buffet for the pax in the Conservatory. Bleh!!! (sorry Sam, but I actually think you would agree with me on this ..) I am dying for a friggin slice of pizza! LOL I heard last night that during Afternoon Tea they put out burgers and hot dogs (go figure, it is British "Tea" and they are putting out American food!) So I might have to hop up for a quick snack one of these days.

Breakfast for me consists of a small bowl of cereal, a piece of fruit and a small yogurt with some granola in it. Lunch and Dinner I just wing it .. I would love to get my hands on Ruby Tuesday's Salad bar!!!! Apparently the Brit's aren't big salad people .. not too much on the buffets for it. I have had my share of veggies though (Mom, you would be proud!) Carrotts, Green Beans, Cucumbers, New Potatoes .. They are ok. Usually for dinner I can find some sort of meat to fill me up a little. Pork, Turkey, Pepper Steak; they haven't been awful. And I found that plain white rice is always on the menu. Since my diet has been restricted, I figure now would be the great time to cut out soda (since we get juice for free, but you have to buy soda) and cut out desserts as well. Lastly, I decided if I was going less than 4 floors, I am NOT taking an elevator. And unless I am going up on the pool deck or to the Conservatory to eat, everything I go to and from is on Decks 1-4 anyway. I live on Deck 1, the Cyb@Study is on 3. Hopefully these changes will help me start to get this weight off. Therefore getting off the BP pills (last time I checked it - 2 days ago - it was 139/92 .. so much better)

Speaking of food, it is time for lunch :-)


Jules said...

Everything sounds like it is going smooth now and I am so glad you are getting to know the crew!!!

Sorry about the food - that stinks, but I can't wait to hear how tea is ;). Star gazing sounds like a lot of fun.

Love reading your updates my friend - miss you already!

kismetdreams said...


Sorry the food stinks, but I'm so glad you have found something that you are having a great time doing!

I'm so jealous about the cool would that be?!

Keep us updated!


Samantha said...

LOL about the food. Remember I can eat British and American and I love both I'm so bilingual.

Remember juice is really high in sugars too, you prolly know that LOL off to read the next!