Saturday, January 12, 2008

I made it!!

11 Jan 08
Recife, Brazil

Well I didnt get settled in time to get hooked up to the net, so I am writing these in word and will get them posted as soon as I can get situated.
Today was Day 1 of my contract! I woke up early, I guess I was too excited. Took my time gettingdressed and packing/closing my suitcases (for the last time Hooray!) I tried to call the front deskto have a bellman come up and help me, but gawd forbid someone knows *any* English!! Anyway, I went down there, hand gestured at the cart and the guy followed me back up to get my things. Someonefrom the port was picking me up around 9.30am so I wanted to be there and waiting when they came.
Andre showed up about 9.45 and was very nice. Drove me up through Recife and I got to see a better shot of the city. It was nice and the beaches were quite pretty. I figured out that I wasNOT in a tourist area at the hotel, but in the area the locals stay in when they vacation there. Ahhhh, so it made some more sense to me now. Anyway, after about a 20 min drive I got to the port and saw the ship for the very first time!! Yay!!! I was soo excited!! Now it was REALLY time ..
So we pull up, get my bags out of the car (yes all 3 and my backpack LOL) and Andre calls Marcio andlets him know we are here. He said he would be out in 10 mins. In the meantime, I kind of just watch the passengers come off the ship and take it all in. It was truly happening! About 5 mins laterZoltan walked down the gangway (he has the same polo as me; dead giveaway ha ha) and so we chatted for a few and then security came to "claim" me and then take me on board. I got on with my temp badge and Zoltan and I took my luggage to his cabin till I got my keys and signed on and all that.
We went up to the Internet Cafe and looked around, he showed me where everything was and then we went looking for the Crew Manager so I could get situated. She wasnt in her office, so we went up to the Front Desk (IE: Purser's Desk) and asked if she was around. Turns out my roommate, Sheneesa, was working and was able to lend me her key at least. I also met some of her co-workers; again, really lovely people! So friendly :)
So I came to my cabin and Zoltan went on shore for a bit; we had to be back to work in the cafe at 4pm so I saidI would meet him in there. In the meantime, I got down to the unpacking. Yikes :-) But it is all in, hung up, put away, etc. And yes, it all fits in my sardine can of a cabin LOL. At 3.30 I was to meet Kylie (the crew manager)in the Crew Office so I could hand in the rest of my papers and officially "sign on". I was a bit concerned aboutmy medical, since it had the restriction of "No Emergency Duties" but she really never looked it over to much. She sawI had it, it was signed and dated and that was it! Whew!!!! So I was officially a crew member!From there I went looking for the Security Office so I could see about getting my key. They weren't open till 4 so I came back to the cabin for a few to relax before going upstairs.
I was at the cafe about 30 mins when I got beeped and it was one of the officers from the bridge "Good Morning, goodmorning, good morning.. this is Captain Johnny from the bridge" LMAO (anyone who has cruised with me knows who I am talking about) Charles, who is one of the 2nd Officers needed to give me my first safety lesson .. on water tight doors, fire doors and how they work. Those water tight doors are pretty scary. Once they are activated to close, nothing (and I mean NOTHING) can stop them. So after some horrid stories about people getting killed, Charles proved his point and had me afraid of them! Once I was done there, I figured I would hop down and see if Security was open yet .. they were and I was able to get my key! YAY .. one more step to being official! So I then went upstairs to give Sheneesa her key back;it might be a small ship in comparison to some of the behemouths out there, but when you are trying to find someone (OR evensomething) this place is HUGE! I found her, returned her key and went back up to the cafe to finish up the shift till 6.
Which is where I am now .. just hanging in the room for a few before I go to the Officers Mess to eat at 6.30. I will surely check back in tomorrow even if all I do is write and post these all at once. We are just leaving the port so I want to go watch us pull out of here. Should be cool.


Barbara said...

Hi, Glad to hear you are finally there (after "swimming uphill"); hope it is everything you expect and more; Love you, Mom

Kippy said...

Hi Stacy - You are really living it now. Sounds like there is so much for you to take in. Enjoy it!! Can't wait to hear more. I am sure you will have tons of great pictures that you will be sharing too!! Have fun. Love, Kippy

Larry said...

Glad you made it safe :) Take a deep breath, relax and HAVE FUN!



Maryjo said...

Stacy: Glad you made it!
It sounds like you went through some tough spots to get there.
Now that you are aboard ship, I hope you enjoy your adventure, learn alot and have fun!
I am looking forward to hearing more.

Chrissy said...

Hey there Sunshine!!! I am loving reading your blog... it's like a soap opera....and I'm sure it will only get better!! ;)
Glad to hear you made it!!! Good Luck!!!!

Candace said...

Hey girlie,

Glad to hear all is well at tis point. I can picture you telling me these stories as I read your blog! I still don't know exactly what you are doing - "jobwise" - fill me in when you get the chance!

Anonymous said...

Hi there¡

I just knew from you when I read a "short" history =) about you on

Right now Im reading your whole old blog, and so far it has been funny... E.D.F.S portuguese.. lol

I was very excited readin this post.. I feel like being there...

I got some questions for you regarding the computer area, but Im gonna send them to you later cause right now Im very sleepy¡¡

Congratulations for your achievement and Im gonna keep reading more tomorrow¡