Friday, January 18, 2008

Crew Bar – Take 2

18 Jan 08

Still En Route to Buenos Aires

1330 hours

Last night was going to hold the Dance Party in the Crew Bar. Ooo, I was excited! I was not happy that my ankles were still swollen (and were pretty stiff by the end of my shift) but I put on a pair of jeans and a fun top .. And flip-flops :) Went down to the crew bar and met up with a few of my friends; the music was just about to start and I thought it would be fun. I knew I couldn’t drink with the swollen ankles ~ I was afraid it would make them worse and they might’ve just exploded and blown off! LOL So I skipped that and had a diet coke (first soda in over a week!) As I was just sitting and chatting I could hear the waves crashing and banging against the hull – it was crazy! Then the ship was up, up, up .. Then down, down down. I started to think it wasn’t such a good idea for me to be partying; I don’t have my “sea legs” yet so I still feel it more than anyone else was feeling it. So I finished my soda and decided to bail and head home. Got up into my crawl space (aka top bunk bed in my cabin) and proceeded to put my feet up on the ceiling to have them “elevated” for a bit. Then I got too sleepy and rolled over. It is too easy to fall asleep on this ship!

1500 hours

Back after my lunch break; we are getting closer to land and the seas have finally calmed down. The sun has even come out! (after 2 days of blah clouds) I can see the littlest bit of land on the horizon, so even though we don’t get into Buenos Aires till the AM, I am sure Captain will slow us down this evening because we are getting closer. I would think he just wanted to get us out of the choppy seas.

Tonight is Girls Movie Night. A handful of us are going to watch a chick-flick on my cabin. Small as it is, it will still be fun :) Not sure what we are going to watch yet, probably will just take a vote once everyone has a chance to look through my DVD case to see what the choices are. Some people are going to Karaoke at the Crew Bar, but unless it is one of my friends doing it, I rarely find it fun or amusing (more like annoying) Might even go as far as getting some movie snacks; crisps (chips) and Minstrels (Like big M&M’s) I would kill for some movie popcorn. I swear I can’t wait till we get to FT Lauderdale in FL at the end of Feb. I have to go apply for my MMD card (for my next contract) in the morning and then I am sooo hitting a Wal-Mart or Target!!!

And .. Finally I think I have my eye on someone. I am not saying anything to anyone; I only confided in Cat and she won’t tell since she has her eye on one of the Bridge Officers LOL. Doing a little research Cat and I have found that neither of these 2 guys have a Ship-Mate (i.e.: girlfriend) This guy and I have managed to sit together the last 2 mornings at breakfast. (Coincidence? Are there really any actual coincidences?? Ha ha) He works at night, so he is getting off as I am going on ~ however, it would be fun to have someone to go ashore with. I sometimes need to deal with his dept if my revenue reports are off between MTN and P&O. So of course now I might have to hold any ‘problem’ till he comes on the night shift, instead of talking to the day shift Officer :) We will see. And that’s all I am saying about it for now. :D

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