Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nothing Much Doing

24 Jan 08

Near the South Pole?
En Route to Port Stanley in the Faulkland Islands

Worked really late last night and was not a happy camper when I had to get up and do it all over again. However, when I went to breakfast with Cat and was joined by Mr Night Officer (among other people, but who cares! LOL) my mood swung a 180 .. he was a darling this morning. Chatty, laughing, etc. So I chalked the other night up to the fact he was working and had crap to deal with. It was a good banter I had going with him about anything and nothing (CNN, ESPN, The US) and when he started making fun of my accent and certain words .. it was a good sign. Remember back in grade school when boys used to pick on you and you never knew why? Then you figured it out in High School that is was b/c they really liked you, but had no way of showing it and were immature – so they teased you, ignored you and were mean to you. Now given Mr. Night Officer wasn’t being mean at all, it was in good fun really. And it gave me reason to consider that route again and be the one to keep the banter going ( I had a work issue, so I sent him an email for when he gets in tonight ~ picking up where we left off this morning ~ hoping it will keep on ) So that gave me a little pip in my step today; I guess I like him more than I thought. Who knows!

I must say, I sometimes wonder where I get the patience from! I have had several never-been-on-the-net users today and I was calm, cool and collected the whole time. Must be this job! I am so relaxed 95% of the time it is delightful. Heck, even my BP is starting to come down! 131/88 was what it was at lunch time! WOO HOO. Nkechi (the Doc) said anything under 135/90 was ok with her – so yay! I am still watching what I am eating, I have substituted butter/margarine for olive oil (Guy will be so proud, Mum) and hopefully that will help. (Don’t worry it isnt a lot, just enough to give rice or veggies some flavor) I am still refraining as much as I can from putting salt on anything. That kills me to do – I have put salt on everything since as long as I can remember. Someone send me some of that No-Salt! Dad also said I needed to find me some oatmeal as that will help; as well as eat more garlic. Yeah right! I have some, sometimes ~ But I am certainly not going to OD on it; Mr. Night Officer will run like the wind. As far as the oatmeal ~ I know the Brit’s like it, but I don’t think it is the oatmeal we eat; a bit different. I will see tomorrow morning. Otherwise, I am going to need a care package of Quaker Oatmeal please!! (and No-Salt!)

Karaeoke tonight in the crew bar; we turn the clocks back at 2am, plus it is a tender port which means most depts start a little later so it should be a good time all around. If I can make it till about 12, I can say Hi to Mr. Night Officer. :)

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Kelly said...

Ok, I think we need a pic of Mr. Night Officer!! LOL

Glad to hear your BP is dropping, that's awesome! Can you email me your address? I don't have oatmeal to send to you, but something from the babies instead :-)