Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Deception Island Antarctica

29 Jan 08

Deception Island, Antartica

It’s quite a lumpy day at sea today, but we are back out in the ocean now; we had been in the bay earlier around lunchtime near Deception Island. It was awesome; larger than life. The pics came out ok and I am uploading them now. The sun had peaked out and was shining down on the glaciers and it was magnificent!

Internet has been up and down the last day or so, so make sure you notice the date and where I am instead of what date it was actually posted. I can write off-line so I have been doing that and then posting it up when I can.

I checked the scale again and I am down another 2 kg’s. I am pretty proud of myself! I walk everywhere and since I don’t have a need to go to decks 5 to 8 I walk if I am going between 1 and 4 or otherwise take the ‘lift’ to the top. I have allowed myself a dessert once in a while – they are so scrummy. If I can keep up at a decent pace just doing this, I will be all right!

I was up on Deck 9 taking these pics:


The ocean is gloomy, it is foggy all around and we can’t see anything more than 40 yds of the side of the ship because of the weather. Which is another reason why we are so lumpy. I popped another Dramamine just in case; better safe now than sorry later. We are starting to smooth out a bit and I am getting sleeeeepy! It is so easy to fall asleep on the ship .. if she isn’t banging around, it is a great rocking motion. (she is still banging around now, since we are trying to steam through the rough open ocean and get back to land) Tomorrow we will be going by Cape Horn so it should settle down by then. Where we are now is the meeting of 3 oceans; Atlantic, Pacific and Antarctic.

Last night I did see Matt for a few – I didn’t plan it but I did forget to hand in my chits b/c I was running late and wanted to get changed before I headed off to the Fashion Show. We ended up chatting and bantering (we do it so well – it is quite funny) I don’t know where his head is at (well, I can probably guess; he is a man afterall) but I am playing the game we will see what happens from here on in.


Kirsten said...

Wow you have taken some great pictures! You are looking great. Good job with losing the weight. You can tell in your face that you have lost some.

Kippy said...

Great pictures. You really are seeing it all. The one picture looks like someone did some photoshop to put you in the picture. It is cool looking. Keep the updates/stories coming.

Samantha said...

LOL you are killing me with all your Briticisms - just so everyone else knows 2kg is 4.4 pounds LOL Stacy are you now talking with a British accent now? Hee-hee!!

Love the pics - you are having the most amazing experience but it looks soooo cold LOL