Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Shops' Fashion Show

Last night the shoppies (crew members who work in the shops) hosted a Fashion Show to show all of their items to those who might not make it in there.


First up is Amie; then Bruce (in the red vest); then Clare, Lloyd, Tanya and Hugh. We had some pax join the group to model - so the female paz I don't know but is accompanied by Bob (shoppie); the next pax is accompanied by Jonathan (finance officer day; the next is Martyn (cutie huh? 1st Electro Technical Eng) then Jonathan again and then Andy is with one of my cafe pax, Beryl. It was fun and the shops have been pretty busy this morning. I bought a nice sweatshirt (Brit's call it a 'jumper') which is thin enough to wear to work; as well as a nice windbreaker jacket (that I have to pick up later)

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