Sunday, January 13, 2008

Busy Day at Sea

13 Jan 08
Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean
Heading South down the East Coast of South America

I can't start my blog today without first saying .... I LOVE MY JOB!! Seriously, I have the coolest job in the world. I mean, running the Cyber Cafe on a cruise ship?!?! My stress levels have gone down tremendously ... I feel no annoyances, frustrations or any of the normal work related things. People are cool, even doing nothing at night is fun .. if you are just hanging out somewhere on the deck. Not to mention I am working on a LUXURY CRUISE SHIP! Did I mention that? Oh and lastly, I am currently on a World Cruise Itinerary ... who can beat that?

Ok so it is 1530 here, we went over one time zone and added another hour, so I am now 3 hrs ahead ofthe East Coast. We are at sea today and tomorrow, then stopping in Buzios on Tuesday. We have a nice smooth ride going on about now, this morning I looked out my "window" haha IE: port hole and saw the waves were a bit rough and were splashing, so I hoped it wouldn't be a bad day, more for the pax thananything else (pax = passanger(s)) If they are unhappy, they will be miserable and therefore I will get part of it when they come into my cafe. :) But the sun came out and the sea smoothed out as well.

I have met a whole bunch of people already. Just kind of getting to know some of them; mostly the ladiesin my area of my cabin. My neighbor Sarah is with Shore Excursions, on the other side of her are Kat who is in Food and Beverage and her roomie Deb who is with Shore Excursions. My roomie is Shanessa and she is with the Pursers Dept as is my neighbor Kylie, who is on the Crew Office Staff. Since we all live down the corridorfrom the Officers Mess, we usually catch each other there when it is meal time and we aren't working.

I didnt go "out" on my first night, wasnt much going on and I was pooped anyway; last night they had a Star Gazing seminar out on the front pool deck that Sarah and I went out to. It was really awesome. They shut off all the deck lights and the sky sprang to life with millions of stars! What a perfectly clear night sky it was!! We were there for about 40 mins then decided to go for a drink. Went to one of the pax bars, but they were playing Bingo or Scrabble or something :) So we went to the officers lounge where some people were playing Wii. Had a few Coronas and watched. Some laughs and of course more introductions. Some cute guys on board too :) I have no idea who is involved with who, so I am just keeping that idea on the side for now. I have 5 months to enjoy the cuties on the ship, no rush right now.

Just came back from dinner; helping a few people now for my last shift of the day. Whew! Today has been a long day! We were really busy, so my shift's kept running late, not to mention when it was 12, we changed our clocks to 1pm so I lost an hour then too. Had an hour between morning and afternoon to basically eat and go to my cabin to "freshen up" and basically the same for the afternoon to evening shift. Tonight is formal night, so I am more dressed up than usual, but it is quiet here right now so its good :) I got some of my work done for tomorrow; we usually have some sort of promotion to get people in here and using the internet more (IE: buying more time = $$$)

Well I had to stop writing for a bit as I got busy with the Passenger Staff Manager and running some reports. We are finishing up here for the night, so I am going to sign off. Might be a crew bar night :)


Kim said...

Bingo! Wii! Good times!

Sounds like it was a bit chaotic in the beginning but now it will be so much better and relaxing. Phew!

The Star Gazing sounded awesome. The people sound delightful.

Crew Bar...YAHOO!

Melissa said...

Sounds like you're having a fabulous time! I too am interested in working on a ship in an Internet Cafe and I had a few questions you might be able to help me with if you have few free moments one day.

I'm really familiar with the internet, email and all sorts of basic PC Multimedia and Web programs (Word, Excel, Windows Movie Maker, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, Basic Web Design, CSS, etc.) But my networking skills are a little rough. Is there any recommended training you suggest to help my chances at getting a Net Cafe job, or is there a separate IT manager on board for the networking and technical issues? Also, approximately how many people are staffed to work in the internet cafes and do you know their titles in order to better help me apply for a position.

I'm sorry to bog you down with a million questions, but I found you through and thought you might be able to help.
:) Thanks!

Samantha said...

Yayyy Stay sounds fab - Love all the good times you are having - when do we get to see a picture of you in your uniform?

Wow Star Gazing sounds great they should do that on Disney.

Where do all your fellow ladies in your corridor hail from?

Looking forward to more so please keep this updated so we can live vicariously through you :)

Kelly said...

How cool - star gazing in the ocean! I'm loving this blog btw!

Sounds like you fit in perfectly - just think of the friends you'll make through doing this. Maybe you'll bring some of them to Disney some day! :-)